Claire Thake, Author
Claire Thake, Author

The Revival Series

Revive - Book One

Carrie had a wonderful life, a loving husband and her future all planned out, until a terrible accident changed her life. To hide away from all her pain and loss she pushed everyone away and threw herself into her career. That was until she received some news that would change her life once again. Can Carrie accept the past and change her future for the better?

Revive (The Revival Series #1)

Restart - Book Two

Sixteen years ago Leah had her heart broken.
Despite now being married with two children, she has still always wondered ‘what if?’ 
Now she finds herself questioning her ‘perfect’ marriage and her ‘perfect’ life - things are not always as happy on the inside as they appear from the outside.
Having to face her past again, Leah is faced with some big decisions on the path she wants her life to take.
Is the grass really greener on the other side?
Will she make the right decisions or will she tear her family apart?